planetary retrogrades

What is a retrograde?

A planetary retrograde happens when a planet in the sky appears to be moving backwards although it's not actually moving backwards. During this transit, it tends to have an effect on the areas of life the planet rules. For example, you've probably heard of Mercury retrograde. This happens when Mercury appears to be traveling back the way it came from, although it truly isn't. During this transit, area such as communication, travel, and even technology would all be effected as well. 

What planets retrograde?

At some point through the year, all planets in our solar system retrograde. Some of them even retrograde half the year! Mercury retrograde happens to occur most thought the year, but is prominently known because of it's relation to astrology as it is the ruling planet of communication.

What can I do?

If it can be helped, it would be best to avoid life altering decisions during any retrograde. It's also important to surrender to the slow downs rather you like or not. These are great times to reach out to those who you keep thinking of but haven't seen in a while. There are specific individual things you can do to help during each planetary retrograde. Tarot is another great way to find guidance in troubling times like these, you can find a free general readings posted here on my website about any current planetary retrograde. 

What planets are in retrograde right now?

Thankfully there are currently no planets in retrograde in our solar system. And so you're not blindsided by the next retrograde the next dates are April 21-May 14, August 23-September 15, December 13-January 1, 2024.