How to live a magickal life

Living a magickal life isn't going to happen if you just wish for it and wait for it to happen, you have to be the one to introduce the magick into your life. Wake up everyday with the intention of having a magickal day. To start with, magic is the word for what magicians do for entertainment whereas magick is the universal energetic force inside of us that allows us to cast spells and use our intuition. Believing in yourself and knowing that only you can make it happen is everything. It's important to remember with any kind of magick that believing in your own ability is the best tool you could use. Magick is all about intention, it doesn't matter if you have the best candles or the finest herbs. The point is to work with what you have at your disposal because the effort and intention you put in is what matters most. 

The best place I could say to start with is to work on strengthening your intuition. You can do this in many diverse ways, and what what works best for you. The third eye chakra is the center of intuition, and in your own physical body is the pineal gland right in the place of your third eye. One of my personal favorite ways to use my intuition is through divination. Divination is simply using tools to receive insight into the things we can't necessarily see with our eye physical eyes, which brings the need for our third eye. My personal favorite means of divination is the use of Tarot cards. They're simple and easy to use, if you would like to learn how to read tarot please check here. Other means of divination also include oracle cards, and using a pendulum. When working with any kind of divination tools, it's important to always cleanse them. Especially in between separate readings, as well as if you've let someone else use you them. 

Cleansing isn't only important when it comes to divination, as it is very useful in many aspects of magick. Cleansing your space by smudging your living space, this increases the energy flow in the room as well as dispels any negativity in the air. When carrying daily crystals with you, it's also important to pick ones that resonate with you, and for their specific vibrations and uses. Also remember to cleanse these crystals every few days. Because crystals radiate specific types of positive vibrations, they can just as easily pick up other vibrations and energies that can sort of dull the use of the crystal. Selenite it's is a cleansing crystal, and can be left with tarot cards or other crystals to cleanse them. 

Somewhere along your spiritual path you will begin seeing angel numbers, if you haven't already. These numbers include 000, 111, 222, 333, and so on. Each and every angel number has it's own positive message with it. When you see these synchronicities, take it as a high five from the universe. The next topic I would advice to familiarize yourself with is the practice astrology. Anyone who doesn't believe in astrology hasn't truly looked into it. It's as simple as that, if you've never looked into astrology past a magazine sun sign horoscope you cannot accurately base your opinion of astrology off not just the least reliable source, but just one source. It's the same as a person claiming to not believe in psychology because they've never take the time to actually learn of the topic. A natal chart reading can really blow the mind of a skeptic with no doubt in my mind. If you would like to learn about what a natal chart is and how it works, please check here. With the access of your natal chart, familiarizing yourself and the personal placements in your chart you can then learn how the current planetary transits and retrogrades affect your day to day life, as well many aspects of your life. In your exploration of astrology you'll come across "planetary rulers", this is a phrase used to describe the planet that governs over certain signs, days of the week, etc.. Below is a list of the planets and their governing aspects as well as color meanings in candle magick. 

One of the best ways you can learn to strengthen your intuition is by starting a tarot journal. This way, you can recall back to a certain reading you did a week or two ago predicting an exact outcome. This way, you can also gather what specific cards in the deck mean to you personally. You don't have to right every reading you do into the journal, just whatever you feel called to rather that all or just a few, either is completely valid. In this journal, or in its own respective journal you may want to keep track of the lunar phases of the month and follow along with the cycles. Look back soon for a blogpost on "Planning around the lunar phases".

Lastly, learning about spellwork. A previously stated before, intention and effort are the key focus in all forms of magick. If you put half the effort into your spell, you can expect half the result. You don't have to have the best candles and the finest herbs, or all the tools to start out with. You have to let yourself be knew at something, don't ruin your the fun in your own journey of exploration. This is a great time to start a book of shadows. When choosing the journal you want to use as your book of shadows, I suggest choosing something that calls to you, something you feel drawn to. In your book of shadows, make it personal and customary to you. In it you can right about important dreams you've had recently, song lyrics that speak to your soul, poems, spells, drawings, anything you could possibly want. Take your journey into your own hands, and decide how you're going to flow with the universe and not against it. In doing so, keep in mind it's very important to thank the universe for things that work out in your favor, and even those that you want to work out in your favor regardless of it's current manifestation in your life. Blessed be.

Planets and their governing aspects.

Candle colors and their meanings.

Red - The color of love, fire, passion, and sex.

Orange-The color of road openers spells, increasing ambitions, and healing spells.

Yellow- The color fertility, business opportunities, also increases social skills. 

Green- The color of money spells, plant spells, green magick, and prosperity.

Blue- The color of emotions, empaths, and connects with all chakras.

Purple- The color of intuition, the third eye, dreams, and psychic powers.

Pink- The color of self-love, self healing, and romance.

Brown- Helps with all things relating to your resources (like health, energy, possessions, pets, endurance, and courage).

Ivory- The color of purity, cleansing, and elegance.

Black- The color of psychic protection.

White- The color of serenity, peace, and can also replace any color.

Gray- The color of neutrality and balance.