Month Ahead Reading

Month Ahead Reading

(September 2023)

Pulled Cards: Eight of Swords (reversed), Justice, Two of Wands, Two of Cups, and The Lovers

The Reading:

As the month of September comes in, you can expect to find yourself face to face with a decision linked with a sense of responsibility. The choice is completely yours to make as it presents itself to you. You could choose to stay in the comfort of the path you find yourself on, feeling familiar and comforted. Or, you could choose to make the conscience decision to cut yourself free of anything that isn't directly serving you or your greater purpose in order to align yourself what is actually meant for you. I think it's also important to meantion here, there is a heavy indication of romance within the next coming month. If you're too busy looking in the wrong direction, it just my pass you by. 

Also do keep in mind that this is a general reading, and not everything will resonate with everyone, accept what feels right and leave what doesn't. And remember tarot is a pseudoscience, and not a proven fact. If you'd like a more personalized reading you can book one with me personally here. 

Have a great rest of your day,