The history of Monstarot

A brief history

When I first made the decision to launch my own tarot platform, I wasn't focused on just tarot. I started a spirituality blog posting mainly about metaphysical and/or spiritual topics. Among most of the ideas I had for my blog posting a monthly "month ahead" tarot card reading for my readers to gain a sense of insight into the coming month easily became my favorite to post. The "month ahead" readings would always get the best feedback and responses, so naturally I started to look for any reason to post tarot readings. Valentines day's right around the corner? The Heart tarot spread. Mercury just went into retrograde? there's a spread for it. As I started to focus more on tarot, I named the blog "Selective Tarot Blog". 

Eventually, after a few public readings I started to receive emails of people asking me to personally read their own tarot. Seeing this lit a fire into my soul and ignited my passion for inspiring and helping others with tarot. Soon after, I came up with the idea of expanding my platform from just a blog but also a place to receive your very own personalized tarot reading, at an affordable price. I knew from the very beginning when I wanted to expand my website that readings for depression and anxiety would and always will be completely free of charge.

Recently, I've decided to rebrand my platform into something new and more fitting to me and to my energy as a reader. Bringing forth Monstarot, a play off the word "tarot" and a monstera plant. 

Selective Tarot Blog
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