Month Ahead Reading

March 2024 Month Ahead

Welcome All! As per usual, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here to enjoy my reading, now without further ado; In life setbacks and delays are inevitable. However, when we start to reflect and understand their underlying causes we can embrace the opportunity of growth. The first step here is acknowledging the setbacks and delays you encounter. Whether it's a rough spot in a relationship or a project that continues to stall it's important to recognize these obstacles as part of life's journey. Reflect on the unrealistic expectations you put onto yourself, and the frustrations they bring you and start to unlearn them as they have an impact on your wellbeing. Accept that some setbacks may be rooted in our own internal struggles and unresolved issues, it's time to look within ourselves to heal ourselves so we can stop repetitively hurt ourselves on old wounds. 

Also do keep in mind that this is a general reading, and not everything will resonate with everyone, accept what feels right and leave what doesn't. And remember tarot is a pseudoscience, and not a proven fact. If you'd like to receive a more personalized reading you can book one with me personally here.  

Have a great rest of your day,


pulled cards:The Chariot (Rx), Justice, Page of Pentacles (Rx), Ten of Swords (Rx), Six of Wands (Rx), Three of Swords (Rx)